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Social media apps are on the rise and one of the leaders in the popularity stakes is Snapchat. But, popular though it is, the official app certainly doesn’t offer users a very wide range of features and this is why many iOS users turn to jailbreaking. With jailbreaks in short supply right now, a new app has been launched; it’s a modified version of Snapchat, packed with loads of extra features and it’s called Snapchat++. There is no need for anyone to jailbreak to install and we’ll be telling you how to do that. First though, let’s look at the features Snapchat++ [ext link] offers us.

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Features of Snapchat++ :

As well as all the standard Snapchat features, Snapchat++ also offers:

  • The ability to significantly increase record strength
  • The ability to spoof your location 
  • The ability to customize your launch view and change your notification sounds
  • No requirement to jailbreak to install Snapchat++
  • Works on all version of iOS 8 right up to the current version
  • Loads more besides 

There are a couple of things to be aware of when you install Snapchat++. First, if you install it and then attempt to update the official Snapchat app, you may find that Snapchat++ is removed from your device altogether. There is a high risk of conflict if you install both together so it’s best to delete the official app first.

Second, Snapchat++ has been put through very rigorous testing to ensure that it is safe. The developers have determined that it is stable and has no malicious code in it, therefore it is safe for all users. However, you are running the risk of having your official Snapchat account deleted or suspended if the developers find out that you are running a modified version of the app so you are installing it at your own risk – neither the developers of Snapchat++ nor we will take any responsibility should this happen – the choice to install is yours and yours alone.

How to Install Snapchat++ :

You will not be able to download Snapchat++ from the iOS app store. Instead, you must download another safe app called Mojo Installer:

  1. Download AppValley app using the guide at the linked article
  2. Open AppValley and search for Snapchat++ 
  3. Download the app and when it has installed you can start using it

Are you going to give Snapchat++ a go ? Let us know what you think of it and follow us on Facebook for more updates

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