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Screen Recorders are useful features, quite a basic requirement for most smartphone or tablet users and it’s the one thing that Apple hasn’t yet given us. While the latest devices and the iOS are packed with features, it is their refusal to provide basic functions that has pushed people towards to jailbreaking and one of the single most popular downloads from Cydia used to be iRec. iRec [ext link ] was one of the first screen recorders released for Cydia but the developers failed to keep the app updated and, as the iOS versions moved on, the app fell behind, with users gradually abandoning it for newer screen recorders like AirShou.

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Great news for fans of iRec though; the developers have pulled the app up, revamped it and given it full support for all versions of the iOS, including iOS 11, made it work without the need to jailbreak first and it is completely free.

Compatible Devices :

iRec is now fully compatible with all iOS versions on these devices:

  • iPhone
  • iPad
  • iPad Mini
  • iPad Air
  • iPad Pro
  • iPod Touch

How to Download iRec :

While iRec is freely available to all iOS devices, it isn’t an app that you can get from the iOS app store. Apple is very strict about the types of app they allow through their security net and this is not one of them. To download iRec, you will need to download an app installer called AppValley first so here are the steps that you need to follow:

  1. First, Download AppValley onto your iOS device 
  2. Once installed, open AppValley and go to the search facility
  3. Type in iRec and wait for the search to complete
  4. Tap the relevant result and wait for iRec to finish downloading onto your device 

How to Stop iRec from Crashing :

iRec is a great app, incredibly useful but you must be prepared for it to crash within a few days of installing it.  This is not a fault with the app itself; rather, it is because of the way it is downloaded. Apple doesn’t consider iRec or AppValley to be valid apps and, because of that, they will revoke the app certificates. Yes, you can reinstall it and start again but, unless you do something about it, it will only crash again.

The solution lies in Anti Revoke. This small tool installs a VPN configuration on your device, thus protecting the app certificates and stopping Apple from verifying and revoking them. This is a must-have tool when you use AppValley or iRec so find out more details on how to download it at the link below :

Screen Recorders really are useful features; every one of us has most likely used one at one time or another and some people use them regularly. With Cydia no longer freely available, we are seeing more and more app installers like AppValley released every day. If iRec doesn’t have the features you want, try :

And alternative solutions to AppValley include :

Give iRec a go and see how you get on. Tell us what your thoughts are on it and follow us on Facebook for more updates.

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