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iOS users have been able to enjoy jailbreaking for many years, something that Android users cannot do. While the Android operating system is somewhat more relaxed than Apple’s iOS, there are still some things that they cannot do. When we jailbreak we do it to add features that Apple doesn’t allow us to have but we also do it to gain access to some paid and premium app store content for free. This is what the Android users cannot do, or at least they couldn’t until now.

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AppValley is one of the latest app installers released to try and step into the shoes of Cydia, given the lack of jailbreaks at our disposal right now and it isn’t just for iOS , Android users can also install AppValley [ about ] and access millions of different apps as well as plenty of other content.

There isn’t any need for jailbreaking with AppValley and it is incredibly safe to use ,  here’s how to download it:

How to Download AppValley Android :

While iOS users can download AppValley relatively simply, it is a bit more complicated for Android because it involves the download of the AppValley APK – this is the application package file that installs the app on your device. Make sure you follow these steps exactly as written otherwise it won’t work:

  1. On your Android device open Settings > Security 
  2. Tick the box next to the option for Unknown Source Options 
  3. Now download the AppValley APK onto your computer from this link ( copy paste in browser )
  4. Extract the file and then email the APK to yourself
  5. Open your email on your Android device and download the APK
  6. Locate it and double tap to download onto your device
  7. When the download and install has finished, you will be able to start using AppValley to download a whole heap of extra content 

AppValley is dead simple to use but there are a few people who have struggled with it. If you need to remove it from your Android device, just delete it the way you would any other Android app and then, should you need to, you can download AppValley again.

While AppValley isn’t all that Cydia is, it does let Android users have some of what iOS users have been able to use all these years.  Give it a go; download AppValley onto your Android device today and tell us what you think of it. For more tips and tutorials on apps for Android devices, you can follow us on Facebook.

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